shutterstock_114722818As an owner of a restaurant, it’s your responsibility to buy food items in bulk but only after bargaining. Each goods must be of premium quality and fresh while arranging proper storage space is another duty vested on your shoulders. From pounds of fish and meat to gallons of pasta sauce with fruits, vegetable and spices, all are basic requirements that give a restaurant its theme while making food scrumptious.

The biggest achievement for a restaurant owner or any other service provider is when they see their customers satisfied and returning again. Even if your business is established on a small scale, local supermarkets or bulk stores provide all the goods you need so don’t hesitate visiting them. Let’s see what else you can learn from this article!

1. Review Records


Evaluate financial and previous reservation records, determining some of the most lucrative ways to buy such foods your customers consume in large numbers. Both, large restaurant witnessing hundreds of visitors every day with small ones need to purchase food from local grocers or directly from farmer’s market in a neutral price without raise or deduction.

Buying in bulk sometimes reduce total cost being part of a sale or special deal so always keep your eyes open for discounts but do check manufacture and expiry date to avoid staled goods. Downtown Dubai restaurants follow similar rule that is bulk purchasing which is mostly economical. Fresh meat and on-perishable stuff is often available at discounted price.

2. Food Trade-shows


If you haven’t attended a restaurant’s conference or food tradeshow before, than now is the time especially when owning a large restaurant. Promising food services are typically provided from vendor’s end to cater your entire month’s supply with memberships and deals as a promotion. Asides this, get to meet different staff members, try food items yourself, ask questions for better understanding of how the company works and quality of items! Unable to visit the expo, no problem as you can follow online with live transmission or simply look at the features!

3. The Contract


It’s better to sign a contract with specific food service provider. Restaurants at times require engaging with multiple providers to cover the needs like meat and organic goods, produces and food items. Liquid cash is widely accepted meanwhile presenting checks is only preferred when you’ve a trusted market name and experience working previously.

The option to place an order online where supplies are shipped to your restaurants is the best and most convenient way to buy foods but preliminary checking for quality is diminished. Providers also accepts recurring deliveries that is once your account is created, fresh produce will be delivered on set days like Monday and Wednesday. Bistro Dubai mostly prefers online method for convenience and saving.

4. Tips & Tricks


Educate your staff to neatly organize all the bulk items in order of expiry dates such that goods with shorter lives are consumed first. Come up with a tactical plan to increase productivity with given items before spending extra. Remember, excess purchasing would result in losing hard-earned money swiftly. If offering best lunch in Dubai is your cafe’s mission, think of basic items like coffee, eggs, bacons, bread and others but buy economically yet keeping quality as a top priority.

Buying food to effectively manage a restaurant has never been easier before reading the aforementioned facts.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be hard. It just takes the motivation to change our bad habits into good, healthy ones. Below is a list of ten healthy lifestyle tips to get you started;

1. Never Skip Breakfast; Breakfast is the most important meal. If you skip breakfast, your blood sugar level will drop, thus you won’t have enough energy for the day. When you sleep metabolism slows down and does not increase until you eat something. Breakfast boost your metabolism for the day.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water; Water is the most basic things of life. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Not drinking enough water leads to fatigue and false sense of hunger. Water keeps you hydrated and flush out toxins from body. Avoid excess coffee and soft drinks.

3. Exercise Regularly; Our body need movement and physical activity. Workout keeps our body lean and healthy. You will not only look better, you will also feel better.

4. Sleep and Relaxation; If our body does not get enough sleep it works less efficiently throughout the day. Sleep is essential for body’s immune system. A British study found that getting less than six or more than nine hours of sleep per night can double your risk of an early death. Aim for at least seven to eight hours of sleep.

5. Eat Balanced Meal And Avoid Saturated Fats; Balanced meal consist of fiber, fat, carbohydrates and proteins. These should be included in every meal. Avoid food with high levels of saturated fat such as butter and red meat. Saturated fat contains high levels of bad cholesterol which can make you obese, and increase your chances of developing heart diseases.

6. Have a medical checkups regularly; Some people do not like to have their bodies checked because they are afraid of what the doctors will tell them. That’s the point. Do what’s good for you before its too late. Medical checkups are necessary to help diagnose and potential disease such as an impending cancer or diabetes.

7. Laugh Daily; Make sure to have a good laugh once every day. It loosens you up, release tension and stress, gets your blood flowing, and is just plain fun. Laughter also produce endorphins in the body which are nature’s anti depressant.

8. Quit Smoking; Smoking has been one of the main factors of lung cancer. Smoking is really worst things for your health and fitness level. It also turns your teeth yellow and may damage your skin and vocal cords.

9. Reduce Alcohol And Drink Red Wine; Alcohol is rich in sugar and calories. It can wreak havoc on the liver and kidneys. If you can’t stop drinking entirely, just limit it to social events. Red wine contains antioxidants and properties that release good cholesterol or HDL.

10. Reduce Stress; Stress is harmful and bad for our health. Stress has many unwanted effects on the body. It leads to overeating, eruption of skin blemishes, acne and much more. Reducing stress will keep you more beautiful and healthy.

Start with these healthy lifestyle choices and see how you feel in the next weeks. You should feel more motivated, positive and energized. If you are traveling to Europe for any amount of time, getting an EHIC is very useful. It will provide you with the same level of state health care as a national of the particular European country would receive.

Business growth

Business growthRemember that the goal is that more people who are interested in the niche entering your sales page. Part of our goal is to learn to have a Twitter strategy in vein.

Are you interested in having a social strategy to acquire sales and cold call system without having to pick up the phone? Actually, not many people are socially successful selling. But according to a report of Hubspot 50% of technology companies acquire customers using Twitter. It seems that it works!

What makes a social salesperson? Use strategies to achieve social selling, get in touch with your potential customers and that’s where Twitter comes and aim to bring together people who follow us.Key to the investigation of social elements sales

InsideView says that 90% of people who make decisions on issues of IT do not respond to the methods of sale of the old school. IBM reports that 75% of people taking decision are using social networks to make a conclusion of purchase. I ask, then why is not being part of the idea as soon as possible? Instead of calling, it is better to build an interesting conversation with your prospect or some prospects. Twitter can help us with the following:

  • Expand the reach of its customers.
  • Talk as soon as possible to your potential customers.
  • Be relevant part in the way of decision making.

8 steps to increase the success of your campaign using social sales prospecting Twitter

  • Make a list of prospects: Write down who your potential customers.
  • Identify prospects: Enter the description of your prospects.
  • Find prospects: Use Twitter search to find Twitter users.
  • Generate lists of prospects: Perform a private list on Twitter.
  • Use Hootsuite to organize the discussion: Add a private list in Hootsuite to follow the conversation.
  • Converse with prospects: Start with a RT, reply / favorite place to mention some members of the list.
  • Follow talking.
  • Send direct messages: After a while, send private messages, in order to close a meeting even on the Internet.

Albert Palacci is passionate about digital marketing, he is writing for several online magazines and websites, also you can check his personal blog – and you can find more about him on his SlideShare or Academia profile.


It is very difficult to choose one or two when you are faced with plenty of options. As these options are as good as the other, the task becomes even tougher. Such is the case of a person wishing to buy a car in India. The Indian car market is flooded with options that at the end, it is very difficult to choose the best one. There are different types of vehicles that fall in the five to ten lakh rupees budget. It could be a hatchback, compact sedan, SUV, MPV or even a full-fledged sedan. In addition, the cars could be those running on petrol, diesel, CNG or Electric powered. They could be manual or automatic. The options are almost endless.

However, it will not help a buyer in making the right decision. Hence, here is an attempt to list some of the best cars available in India in the price range of five to ten lakh rupees.


Of late, the diesel cars have made a comeback of sort. This is owing to the fact that diesel prices are lower than the petrol prices in India and that the diesel engines of present day is considerably quieter than their ancestors were. Diesel cars are fuel-efficient too. Diesel cars like Honda City, Honda Amaze, Chevrolet Beat, Hyundai Xcent, Hyundai i20, Maruti Swift, Mahindra Scorpio, Tata Zest and Renault Duster return excellent mileage of more than 23 kmpl. All these cars are priced within ten lakh rupees, making them affordable vehicles for millions of car buyers across the nation.

Petrol cars always had an edge over their diesel counterparts, as they are silent performers. These cars are smooth to drive and they make driving a pleasurable experience. Some of the best petrol cars costing in the range of five to ten lakh rupees are Honda Brio, Nissan Micra, Maruti Swift Dzire, Hyundai Xcent and the Popular Ford Ecosport among others.

Hatchbacks are always the favourite cars of Indians. They are affordable, fuel efficient and easy to handle. Some of the best hatchbacks include Honda Brio, Tata Nano, Tata Indica, Maruti Swift, Hyundai i10, Maruti Ritz, Ford Figo, Maruti Celerio, Maruti Alto 800, Maruti WagonR and Hyundai Eon among others. All these models cost between five to ten lakh rupees.

Of the SUV and utility vehicles, cars like Mahindra Scorpio, Renault Duster, Ford EcoSport, Maruti Ertiga, Mahindra Quanto, Mahindra Thar, Tata Safari, Chevrolet Tavera and Mahindra Bolero are great choices, as they all cost less than ten-lakh rupees. Compact sedans like the newly introduced Tat Zest and Hyundai Xcent, Honda Amaze, Tata Indigo and Swift Dzire also come under the ten-lakh rupee tag and are great choices.


PicAre you one of many people who find themselves using a computer for a large part of the day? Unfortunately, poor office workstation design and layout can contribute to workplace injuries and illness, but employing some simple ergonomics can help you to stay comfortable. In this article, we have outlined some ergonomic factors that you can use to adjust your work space accordingly.

  • Chair
    You should ideally use a swivel chair that has five feet. Castors should be fitted if the chair is on carpet, and glides should be fitted if the chair is on a smooth surface. Adjust the height of the chair so that your feet rest comfortably on the floor. When sitting, your knees should be about level with your hips, your backbone straight and your shoulders back.
  • Monitor
    Your computer monitor should be roughly an arm’s length away on your office workstation. The top of the screen should be at eye level or just below so that you look down at a slight angle. Neither you nor the monitor should directly face a window to avoid glare and reflections.
  • Desk
    Your deck area should be deep enough to accommodate your monitor (at the appropriate distance) and to place the things you use regularly right in front of you. Make sure that everything you need is within reach so that you don’t have to stretch to get them.
  • Wrist Rests
    If your office workstation has been set up properly, a wrist rest should be unnecessary. If you do use one, however, make sure that you only use it when pausing keyboard use. Using the rest when actually typing can lead to unwanted strain on the wrists.
  • Mouse
    Your mouse should fit the size of your hand and, when you use it, your wrist should be in a neutral position and your fingers should be able to rest on the push button between actions. It is also a good idea to position the mouse so that the desk supports the weight of your arm.
  • Phone
    You should position the phone so that you can perform simply tasks (such as taking notes) without twisting or cradling the receiver on your shoulder. If you use the phone frequently or you also need to type whilst on the phone, a headset is recommended.
  • Laptops
    Laptops were designed for short term or mobile use; as such, they often must be used at an unsuitable height. Try connecting it to stand-alone equipment, such as a separate monitor, keyboard or mouse. Be aware of your posture so that you don’t have to look down all the time.
  • Keyboard
    You should be able to type with your forearms close to horizontal and your wrists straight. Your elbows should also be close to your body. The keyboard should be aligned with the monitor and directly in front of you so that you don’t have to rotate to use it. Some people like to invest in split keyboards, which separate the keys typed by your left and right. 

Even if you have employed each of the above ergonomic factors into your office workstation, it is important that you are aware of your posture, movement and stretching as well. Change your posture frequently and take short, frequent breaks; this will help you to minimize fatigue. It is also recommended to stretch your neck, shoulders, wrists, back and ankles several times a day.


cBeing one of the most important pieces of equipment on any construction site, it is no wonder that many supervisors spend a portion of their time searching for cranes for sale. It is important to note, however, that there are a number of occupational health and safety (OH&S) risks associated with the use of cranes; it can help to be aware of these when shopping to ensure that you choose the right machine for your requirements.


The most common incident involving cranes is probably overturning, which is often the result of overloading or incorrect setup. Regulations explain that these machines should only lift loads that are within their designated capacity, and that it is the responsibility of the operator and riggers to ensure that this occurs.

  • Always find the total of the load and compare it with the manufacturer’s specifications for load limits;
  • Lift the load a few feet off the ground, giving the load indicator a chance to confirm that it is within the capacity;
  • Check that the ground is stable and capable of withstanding the crane before every lift (especially after bad weather); and
  • Ensure that outriggers are used when the ground is uneven or unstable.


This is probably the next most common incident involving cranes, as overhead power lines can be anywhere (especially in built up areas) and all it takes is a single touch for the operator to be electrocuted. There must be a distance of at least 10 feet between the machine and normal power lines, and a distance of up to 45 feet when high voltage lines are present.

  • Always survey the worksite for potential hazards and consult the relevant authorities before commencing work;
  • Use insulated barriers on the crane wherever possible (just in case it does come into contact with power lines); and
  • Always assume that power lines are live until the power company tells you otherwise.

Falling Objects

The next most common incident involving cranes for sale is falling objects – many accidents occur as a result of those on the ground being crushed or struck by heavy objects. This is often caused by unsecured loads, equipment failure or swinging loads (to name a few).

  • Never work underneath a suspended load, even for a moment;
  • Be aware of (and avoid) the swing radius of a load;
  • Always secure empty hooks to prevent swinging during movement;
  • Stay away from the crane unless it is your job to be there; and
  • Always wear a hardhat, safety boots and high visibility clothing.

There are a number of other general health issues that can arise as a result of crane usage. Operators, for example, are often subjected to extreme hot and cold; they are required to sit for long periods of time (which can lead to back and leg problems); and they are exposed to fumes, noise and vibrations that are emitted by cranes for sale. Whilst these sorts of issues are harder to protect against, there are OH&S regulations in place to assist.


travelWe are all travelling every day for various reasons, sometimes just a walk or visit to the local store or to your work place. If you are a keen traveler like me, you will notice something new each day. However, if you are an art enthusiast, you would need to get out of your comfort zone and explore the places lesser known to the eye and people. For someone like me, finding locally made, handmade handicrafts and arts and crafts is the best high during a trip or outing. If you are in and around the area of Broadbeach, Gold Coast, you are in good luck.

Get ready to explore: The local art and craft market in Broadbeach is held every first and third Sunday of the month, so if you are planning a trip, plan it around one of these Sundays to enjoy the walk on the beach and pick some really exquisite and distinct piece of art.

  • When: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, the art and craft markets are organized. At least, close to 150 stalls are set up at a time.
  • Where: All along the Broadbeach and the coast you will find stalls spring up like mushrooms. There are all kinds of stalls for people from all walks of life and for all age groups be it kids, the teenagers and elderly.
  • What: One can find all kinds of stuff, ranging from latest fashion fad clothes to the best and most beautiful live music, food, handicrafts, kitchen stuff and home décor items. Above all, you will get a chance to see, find and explore all kinds of new and ingenious handcrafted art objects.
  • Why: These art and craft markets have been held for more than 20 years now and people flock from across the country to participate in the market and set up their stalls. While the stall owner finds new customers each time, the customer, that is you, will be able to find something new and different each time you step into a stall or on every visit to the art and crafts market. I know I did.

While I have given you the details of the arts and craft market, you might be wondering why you should shop at the local market. So, here are my top three reasons for this:

  1. Cost effective

If you are a visitor on a shoe string budget like me and are looking for any kinds of gifts to carry back for your loved ones with a mark of indigenous and local feel, you should definitely head to the art and crafts market. You will be surprised at the kind of variety of crafts, design and objects that you would be able to find and at the same time, they will be cost effective as well. You can also easily find souvenirs for all your dear ones without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Ease of exploration

While you are on vacation you don’t want to be confined to the hotel, you would rather explore. The art and craft market is your best chance to enjoy the beach, the beautiful sun and the ocean-kissed cool breeze and at the same time interact with the locals and people from across the country. I know I made some good friends during my sojourn. Going to the market is also your chance to know the country better and experience and explore its rich culture and diversity.

  1. Family time and enjoyment

While you might feel that it is an art and crafts market, many of you would be able to go there with family and find something each member of the family can enjoy. There would be delicious foods to relish with family. You can explore the local markets and stalls to find something different, and this also means more interaction within members of the family.

If you are at Broadbeach, my recommendation is you should definitely visit the art and crafts market to get the most of your trip and holiday. Also, make sure to get latest updates from Broadbeach website to plan your trip better.


5-Cheap-Ways-To-Start-A-Home-Remodelling-ProjectPaint peeling off your cabinets? Stuck with tiles that have started yellowing with age? Want to add more space to your living room or your kitchen? These are all a part of house remodeling, which is offered by many renowned firms, like , in Newstart Homes your vicinity.

Now you can definitely leave everything to these firms and let them do their job. But then, your home will not have that personal touch. Here are some quick tips, which you can share with them when you have to remodel your home.


 The first step that you need to take is to create a list of all that you want to be done in the house. This list must have each and every detail right from the big changes like expansion of the rooms to minute details like changing of a faucet or a doorknob. It will be the foundation of the remodeling project although you can keep this list flexible and make changes in it after hiring the contractor.


There are numerous housekeeping and interior design magazines and webzines or even blogs, which you can go through and pick up ideas for your own home. Even if you just browse through them regularly, I am sure that you will know the latest trends doing the rounds on the market. I am sure you will find many of these trends useful and easy to incorporate in your plan. For instance, you can pick up the latest fabric patterns for upholstery or a trendy glass splashback design.


The two tips that I mentioned above are just a warm up and will get you started with the home remodeling project. The next one is to work with the best professionals in this field. Yes, I am talking about choosing the right company for the job. Going through credentials, success records, references from previous clients and of course the portfolio of their work will help you select the best firm.


One of the most common things that happen during home renovations or remodeling is that the budget gets way out of control. Sample this: you had planned a certain sum for replacing the floorboards of your living area. But because of inappropriate planning in advance, the bill just keeps on piling up and eventually you end up coughing up more than your initial budget. To avoid this unpleasant situation, read the next point.


Once you have chosen a firm for your project, discuss your expectations with their experts. Remember the list you made? Use it and also suggest trends you picked up from various sources to see which of them are feasible and can be a part of your home. You also have to decide the timeframe of your home remodeling work with the firm according to your schedule. This will ensure that your project will get completed within the stipulated timeframe.


The last but the most important point is that you need to have a say in all the important decisions and if needed, even the minor ones. I am not saying that you have to watch over the designers and the architects like a hawk, but yes, you do need to work in close quarters with the contractor. For instance, you got to be there to select the best quality raw materials or to approve the final designs for your interior or exterior décor.

To Conclude

These are just some very basic pointers which I am sharing with you to help you remodel your home. The crux is to plan in advance, research about trends, select the right people to work for you, create a timeline, have a budget and work in close quarters with the remodeling contractor. What is your take on it?


Greece is popularly known for its fabulous city Athens and islands like Santorini and Skiathos. But there are many such places in Greece which are worth visiting but unfortunately go unnoticed. So, we shall take a glimpse on some places of Greece which are worth visiting and prove to be hidden gems of Greece.

  1. SymiSkiathos

Symi is a small island near the Turkish coast. There are a large number of beaches on this island. You can reach this beautiful island by boats departing frequently from the harbor. Though it is quite expensive, but is considered to be the best neoclassical harbor which gives you a soothing experience.

  1. KastelorizoKastelorizo

This island is hardly included in the maps of Greece. It does not serve world class beaches, but still it has got some Beautiful hotels to live in and beautiful scenery to enjoy with your family.

  1. IkariaIkaria

This island has got something that makes it unique in itself. If you want to experience a long gone western lifestyle, this place is worth visiting. Here, people are cheerful and spend a relaxed lifestyle. It is basically known for its “Panigiri”, grand village celebrations in the honor of patron Saint, where people come, eat, drink, celebrate and enjoy.

  1. Anafi

It is a marvelous isolated island, where you and your partner can spend quality time. It consists of 6-7 beaches, among which Roukounas is the best. It is known for its unexplored caves, hiking paths, medical herbs and a variety of archaeological discoveries.


This island is known for its diverse natural beauty in the country including olive groves, oak trees, waterfalls and rivers. Pachia Ammos and Kipi are the most amazing beaches on this island. You can enjoy the tempting goat meat here, prepared in every possible way. The best way to arrive to this island is fly to Alexandroupolis or Kavala from Athens and then take a local ferry.

  1. Elafonisos

This is a place where you will love to spend time along with crystal clear water and white powdered sand. This island has nothing better to offer than a beach. If you are a crazy water lover, this island can turn out to be your best holiday destination ever.

To conclude, we may say that natural beauty is Greece is never ending. You can enjoy it by visiting and exploring the places mentioned above. Apply for Esta, All you need to do is to make some efforts and to gather lots of energy to visit these amazing places, in order to spend a mesmerizing time with your loved ones. These amazing islands are worth visiting and can’t be missed at any cost. So, if you want to visit foreign city, then it is advised that you should apply for the ESTA Visa.

Author Bio:

Scott Archer is a professional content writer and blogger from the UK who shares his travel experiences. His hobbies include travelling, trekking and cooking and he is currently working on a project Bahrain Visa which helps in visa assistance.